Country Dancing for Beginners [VHS]


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Country Dancing for Beginners begins with an inspiring demo of how competition-level dancers–Josh Zuniga and Alina Wilson–might style the six dances: country polka, waltz, cha-cha, two-step, East Coast swing, and West Coast swing. Then Zuniga and Wilson demonstrate the basic level of each dance with variations while Teresa Mason’s voice instructs. The “beginner” designation of this video might be misleading. Although the instructors demonstrate basic steps, they move quickly through the dances: five steps, plus a routine putting it all together, of six different dances in 60 minutes. You’ll have to pause the program frequently to practice. True beginners might be intimidated by the pace, and the routine at the end is more intermediate than beginning level. Country Dancing for Beginners will appeal to experienced dancers of other styles of dance who are learning country western for the first time, but are not novice dancers. It’s nicely produced and beautifully danced. –Joan Price


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